ShareX – best screen capture tool and with Azure support!

This post first of all will be English and second I want to share some love for a great application in which I have a small part 🙂

So let the story begin. The love started back in December 2016 when on the .NET Blog there was a weekly post and one of the elements mentioned in that post was – ShareX. A free, OpenSource, .NET screen capturing tool. I will not go through all of the features because it would be to long – I will just point you to the site where you can see the full list. But the one thing which has structed me the most was the amount of upload destination to which ShareX can upload you screenshots. They have varied from many popular services to services I haven’t event heard about. But… there is always a but 😉 The was NO Azure support which was very disappointing. I’ve searched the GitHub repo for issues and found someone asking for it. I contacted Jaex the main developer and creator of the app (great guy by the way!) and we did some talking on various subjects – not only Azure support – and after some time I have decided to write a small (for now) implementation of Azure support. So yes! Now you can use ShareX to take screenshots and with great customizable workflows which ShareX provides upload them to Azure. In addition, I have extracted the implementation to my own GitHub repo as a sample how to call the Azure Storage API directly via REST and not with an SDK.

So I encourage you to download the application and start using it with your favorite upload destination – preferable Azure! 😉

Tydzień z Azure – odcinek #40

Nabraliśmy tempa z Darkiem dlatego żeby dotrzymać tradycji – kolejny tydzień to kolejny odcinek naszego webcastu 🙂 Zapraszamy zatem do oglądania, like’owania, komentowania i share’owania!


Tydzień z Azure – odcinek #39

Świeżutki, nowiutki odcinek “Tydzień z Azure” już się pojawił i to nagrany w naszym świeżo oddanym studiu – Channel9 Poland. Dlatego zapraszamy po cotygodniowa (no prawie 😉 ) dawkę nowości o Azure!